Getting your first quote on CircuitHub

First off, let's start with the basics....what is CircuitHub? To put it simply we provide a PCB assembly service that makes it easy to get your electronics made, whether you are prototyping or ready to scale to thousands of units.  On CircuitHub you can upload your EDA design files, get a live interactive quote, and order fully assembled circuit boards. If you are an electrical engineer looking for a new solution to your pcb manufacturing and assembly needs, then CircuitHub might be right for you!

Now let's get started with your first CircuitHub project!

1. Upload your EDA Files

The very first step to getting a quote on CircuitHub is to create a new project.  Do this simply by clicking on the "New" button under your projects section on your CircuitHub dashboard. 

Next you'll need to upload your original EDA design files. In order to move forward from this step you must provide all of the files specified for the design tool you are using. We cannot accept Gerber files for upload and quoting. Some more information about why can be found here. At the moment we support Altium (and its derivatives), Eagle and KiCAD.  We do eventually plan to support all major design tools, but unfortunately don't have a timeline on that just yet. 

Once you have successfully uploaded all of the required files, name your project and click Continue to import your project. 

2. Import Project

After you click Continue your project begins the import process during which CircuitHub automatically extracts all of the important information out of your design files. This process may take a few minutes so please be patient. However, if this seems to be taking an absurd length of time ( more than 10 min) please contact us. 

3. Reconcile Project

In order to see your quote you first have to reconcile you project.  To do so, click on the BOM lines highlighted in red and search for a part number that is appropriate for that BOM line.  When you imported your project CircuitHub will have attempted to automatically reconcile each BOM line to a concrete part number. Some details on how to specify parts in your EDA tool so that they can be automatically reconciled can be found here. Even if a part was automatically reconciled by CircuitHub, please make sure to check each part before ordering to ensure that it is the correct one. 

If there is a part that is not already in the CircuitHub database or a part that is out of stock that you know of an alternative source you can learn how to add it here

Once all of your parts have been reconciled you will receive a quote!

4. Quote and Order!

Using the slider bars you can dynamically check pricing depending on the number of units and lead time you want. Once you have decided on the number of boards and the ship date you can click on "Order Now" to fill in all of your shipping and payment details to complete the order. After the order is placed you will have access to an order page with all of your order details as well as an interface that allows you to directly communicate any issues that may come up with our manufacturing team. 

If you have any other questions about using CircuitHub we recommend checking out our Help Center or feel free to reach out to us at

Happy Designing!

New Feature: Specify Impedance Control Requirements

You can now specify impedance control requirements which will automatically be quoted. You can find the impedance control section on the specifications section of your board tab.

Previously we asked you to enter any impedance requirements in the "add custom requirements" section. However, with our new feature, you no longer wait for your project to be manually quoted if you just have impedance control requirements.

Some more detailed information on how to specify impedance control can be found here:

CircuitHub selected as a 2016 Cool Vendor by Gartner

We're excited to announce that CircuitHub was selected as a Cool Vendor in the Gartner Cool Vendors in Embedded Software and Systems, 2016 report published April 19, 2016 by analysts Ganesh Ramamoorthy, Maritess Sobejana, and Anshul Gupta of Gartner, Inc.

"IoT hardware makers face the challenge of having to secure manufacturing capacity for their low-volume requirements from reputed electronic manufacturing services companies. Meanwhile, consumers are concerned about the lack of support for multiple connectivity, network standards, and hardware and software platforms in these products. 
Therefore, low-volume manufacturing of prototypes; secure and high-quality hardware and software; and seamless connectivity to heterogeneous hardware, software and network platforms have become the need of the hour for the electronics industry."—Gartner
We're honored to have been recognized as a company which is revolutionizing the way IoT hardware will be manufactured in the future and accelerate the growth of IoT hardware startups.

Gartner clients can download the complete 2016 Cool Vendors in Embedded Software and Systems report here.

Locate, Monitor and Manage Your IoT Devices with DevicePilot

Many of CircuitHub's customers are producing IoT devices.  We have you covered for rapid prototyping of boards, but something you also need in order to be able to quickly develop your connected products is a reliable device management software stack. DevicePilot solves this with its universal cloud based software service which helps you to easily locate, monitor and manage your connected devices.

“The benefits of IoT are many, but there are also many challenges to successfully deploy an IoT solution at scale,” says Pilgrim Beart, CEO of DevicePilot. Pilgrim started DevicePilot after engaging with more and more connected-product companies across many different verticals.  It became clear that they were all suffering from the same problems as they scale.

Dead batteries, connectivity issues, service outages, damage, the need for upgrades, and limited processing power are among a few of the things can go wrong. As you scale and connect more devices to your service, the difficulties of managing those devices become apparent. Automated device management is necessary in order to maintain a sustainable relationship between device deployment and operational costs.  DevicePilot continuously monitors and manages thousands or millions of connected products over their complete life-cycle as IoT projects move from trial stage to deployment at scale.

CircuitHub Founder Andrew Seddon says, "managing a fleet of IoT devices is complex and typically requires a lot of custom software despite the fact most of the core functions such as location monitoring, status updates, segmentation and firmware upgrade are the same regardless of your end use case. This is really something you cannot afford to get wrong either. DevicePilot abstracts all the must-have elements of managing IoT into an off-the-shelf SaaS so you can focus on what makes your device unique." 

More about DevicePilot []

New Feature: Firmware Upload

We just released a new feature that allows you to have firmware programmed onto your devices during the manufacturing process. 

On the project page you'll now see a "Firmware" tab.  On the lower left hand corner there is an option to upload your own firmware. 
Once you upload your file you can select which reference designator you need the firmware to be added to. You can, of course, also delete the file if you need to provide an updated one.  Once you place an order the firmware files will automatically be included with the rest of the details required for manufacturing. Typically the programming for high volume is done before assembly and for low volume after assembly. If you have any special instructions you can use the issues system to communicate with the factory or contact us directly. 

If you try out this new feature let us know how it works for you!