New Feature: Virtual Prototyping

3/02/2017 0 Comments

One of our biggest missions at CircuitHub is to find ways to prevent manufacturing mistakes before boards go into production. The more issues that we can prevent before an order is placed, the smoother manufacturing will go, saving you both precious time and money. Our newest virtual prototyping feature aims to tackle just that, by showing you exactly how the parts you've selected will fit on your board before you go to place an order! 

Confirm things are right before getting to the order phase

The feature overlays part packages both on your BOM as well as on the board tab of your projects. This adds extra visual confirmation to make sure you have the right footprint for the best placement. If the package being displayed for the part you've selected does not fit on the footprint there it is very likely that it will not fit when we go to place the physical part on your board. We highly recommend looking into any of these parts before going to placing an order. 

How it Works

The part package being overlaid is based on the actual physical description of the selected part. For the same footprint, the package may or may not  be overlaid depending on whether we have the information for the selected part.
We do not have package information for all parts just yet, but over time as we accumulate more data more part packages will be displayed. 

We'd love to know your feedback on this new feature so let us know what you think!