Worthington Assembly Partnership

3/24/2014 , 0 Comments

Co-founder, Andrew Seddon with some of the Worthington Assembly team
We're very excited about our partnership with Worthington Assembly, a Next Generation Manufacturer based in Massachusetts, known for their high level of customer service and eagerness to work with each customer on a personal level. Worthington has worked on projects including Tessel, an internet-connected micro controller programmable in JavaScript, and RGB-123 Led Matrices.

Worthington believes that when there is a more efficient way of accomplishing a task change is necessary which made them a perfect match for us. They have been in operation consistently since 1976; what has helped them to thrive is their modern approach to manufacturing and their ability and willingness to adapt to the constantly changing industry.

CircuitHub is being deeply integrated within the factory
We are deeply integrating CircuitHub with Worthington in order to optimize the manufacturing process so that we can reduce cost, lead time and risk. Together we'll provide the agility you need to scale your hardware product from prototype to production.

A special shoutout to Chris Gammell for connecting us with Worthington. Thanks Chris!