Locate, Monitor and Manage Your IoT Devices with DevicePilot

5/25/2016 0 Comments

Many of CircuitHub's customers are producing IoT devices.  We have you covered for rapid prototyping of boards, but something you also need in order to be able to quickly develop your connected products is a reliable device management software stack. DevicePilot solves this with its universal cloud based software service which helps you to easily locate, monitor and manage your connected devices.

“The benefits of IoT are many, but there are also many challenges to successfully deploy an IoT solution at scale,” says Pilgrim Beart, CEO of DevicePilot. Pilgrim started DevicePilot after engaging with more and more connected-product companies across many different verticals.  It became clear that they were all suffering from the same problems as they scale.

Dead batteries, connectivity issues, service outages, damage, the need for upgrades, and limited processing power are among a few of the things can go wrong. As you scale and connect more devices to your service, the difficulties of managing those devices become apparent. Automated device management is necessary in order to maintain a sustainable relationship between device deployment and operational costs.  DevicePilot continuously monitors and manages thousands or millions of connected products over their complete life-cycle as IoT projects move from trial stage to deployment at scale.

CircuitHub Founder Andrew Seddon says, "managing a fleet of IoT devices is complex and typically requires a lot of custom software despite the fact most of the core functions such as location monitoring, status updates, segmentation and firmware upgrade are the same regardless of your end use case. This is really something you cannot afford to get wrong either. DevicePilot abstracts all the must-have elements of managing IoT into an off-the-shelf SaaS so you can focus on what makes your device unique." 

More about DevicePilot [http://devicepilot.com]