Add and Consign Parts

5/07/2015 0 Comments

A question that we've frequently been asked is "How should I deal with parts which are out of stock or not available on CircuitHub?" We recently released several features which let you supply your own pricing, add parts that aren't in our database, and consign parts.

Supply pricing: If you know of a source for the part you can quickly add it by clicking "Supply Pricing" on the BOM drop down.

Add parts to CircuitHub: If the part is not available in the CircuitHub database you can add it by clicking "Add part to library."

Consign parts: You can also select parts which you would like to provide yourself. Once you place your order you will be given instructions on where to send your parts.

If you try out any of these new features we would love to hear your feedback as well as any suggestions for new features you might have!