Project Spotlight: Nixie Radian Wall Clock

9/01/2015 0 Comments

We love seeing all of the creative projects that our users are been working on.  One of these projects is the Nixie Radian, a stylish analog nixie clock made using vintage IN-9 Nixie Tubes.


After making hundreds of traditional nixie clocks, Jeremy Medow of Tungsten Customs decided he wanted to push things a bit further.  He stumbled upon linear discharge tubes (IN-9, specifically) and realized that they’d be a great way to make an “analog” nixie clock.  After a few months of sketching, prototyping, and playing around with enclosures, the final design was reached.  Now he’s looking to Kickstarter to raise funding to put it into production.


Initial prototypes were reflow soldered in a toaster-oven, but the production boards will be made using CircuitHub if the campaign is successful. 

Support a fellow maker by checking out (and considering backing) Jeremy's project on Kickstarter!