Login with my Dropbox?!

  Let's be honest, signing up on a new website or service is annoying at best and down right scary at worse ("You want to be able to access my entire life history even when I'm not online?!" <-- look familiar?). 

Creating a million different accounts is a waste of your time, but allowing every website in the world access to your friends, address book, and personal information isn't viable either ...and even if you did trust the site to not leak or abuse your data, you still have to remember which service you used to sign in with the last time you visited! 

CircuitHub is about making the electronics design process as simple and safe as possible. We want you to focus on the design and engineering portion of your idea, not the secretarial part. This focus on expediency permeates all of our design choices -- starting with the front-door.

At CircuitHub we took a different approach to login, because we took a different approach to downloading files. 

An electronics design might contain hundreds of unique parts. If you had to click a download button, choose a file save location, switch to the design tool, click the open button, and locate the file for each part interaction... how much time would you waste?! ...and what happens when an updated file becomes available? ...and how do you keep things organized?

CircuitHub uses Dropbox to "sync" files from our servers to your computer ...and to keep them in sync as things change. All automatically. All silently. All for free. You click on a component in CircuitHub and it just appears on your computer seconds later, ready to use. We even integrate with your design software so that you can place it in your design immediately after choosing it on our site.

...so since we need you to let us work in your Dropbox anyway... ;-)

But I have my important files in Dropbox. We know. We use Dropbox's application sandbox mode for your protection. When you let us access your Dropbox, our service is restricted to work in just one folder (/Apps/CircuitHub). We can't see any of your other folders and we can't access or modify any files outside of our one folder... and we would never even want to.

If you don't have a Dropbox account, you can get one here, for free. If you use a different file sync service, just consider your new Dropbox account, your CircuitHub download button.